Raw Materials

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1. What information i need  to provide for quotation ?
    Please provide your products design , dimension, thickness, material, quantity, printing
    method, packing & place of delivery.
2. What is the procedure of placing an order ?
    Design » Cylinder Making » Material Preparation » Printing » Dry Laminating »
    Packaging » Quality Checking » Bag Making » Cutting » Maturation Process.
3. What is the main different between PP, PVC & PET ?
     3 materials have different characteristics :
     PP - Environmental friendly & coat effective, we can use ultra - sonic or glue PP together
     PET - Environmental friendly & high level of transparency
     PVC - High level of transparency & widely used
 4. What is the different between Silkscreen printing & Offset printing ?
     Silkscreen printing is mostly used for simple graphic. Pantone no. or colour sample
     should be  provided by customers. Offset printing is for  more complicated  graphic,
     gradual change colour or picture. There are 4 basic colour red, blue,  yellow & black.
     They can be mixed out more than 10 colour. White masking is usually added for
     enhancing the product image. Customers no need to provide any p
antone no. or
* Aluminium Foil
* Polyester Film
* BOPP Film
* Oriented Nylon Film
* Cellophane
* CPP Film
* LLDPE Film
* MG Poster Paper
* Metallized Film
* Art Paper
* LDPE Resin
* Gravure Printing Ink
* Surlyn Resin
* Solvent
Sport Varnish (Sport UV)
Sport Varnish is basically clear ink and can be gloss, satin or matte. A spot varnish allows you to highlight specific areas of a adds shine and depth to specific elements on the page suchas a logo or image.
Qual-seal Flat Bottom Stand-up Pouch
1. Elegant appearance and nice shape
2. Suitable for shelf diaplay
3. High capacity & attractive
4. Zipper design-reusable
5. The box style packaging allows for a more efficient use of shipping case.
6. Has excellect shelf presentation with five display panels
7. The side gussets can be produced as clear windows for easy product viewing.
8. Saves approximately 10% of packaging material compared to conventaional  two-sided stand up 
    pouch with same volume.
The coffee connoisseur has many enemies. Oxygen, moisture, time, and a frenzy of other forces are relentless in their affront against the bean, and home roasters and shop owners alike have to be prepared. These valve bags offer a storage solution that delays the threat of nature and keeps coffee fresh for as long as possible. The one-way valve allows roasted beans to degas while limiting the coffee's contact with oxygen, maximizing freshness and flavor.
Flat Bottom Stand-up Pouch
1. Terminated gussets promote the use of the same filling equipment as stand-up pouches.
2. Promotes sustainability initiatives and are easily stacked "cubed” in corrugated containers.
3. Five full panels for enhanced graphics and design possibilities.

Flexible Shape Packaging
1. Shaped flexible pouches can be shaped to match brand, function, and appeal for a variety of packaging   applications and markets.
2. You can create your packaging with flexible shape.
3. This is suitable for , such as : beverage, snack food, pet food,pharmaceutical and more...
4. Elegant appearance and nice shape
5. Suitable for shelf display


Those are the raw materials in our company. If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to cantact us via email or telephone.
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